1. Clarence Johnson

    Great idea and a great marketing move.


  2. Steve Barman

    I think all those banners look great! WordPress keeps getting better by leaps and bounds!


  3. Chris Cree

    Now I understand why they changed the styling on the plugin pages to get rid of the gray sidebar and make the top description area with a gray background. With the banners uploaded it works.

    I agree that it is a good touch for the site. Hopefully folks will use good taste with their banners and not try to turn them into commercials.


  4. Jacques

    I fully understand the developers want to ‘brand’ their plugins and rightfully so, as they do a great job making our lives easier, but this is visually overwhelming and distracting.


  5. Jean-Francois Arseneault

    Yeah, images are nice, but even more useful would be adding the WP version # the plugin supports directly in the search results. Would also work as an extra incentive for developers to keep their plugins updated.


  6. Ted Clayton

    The graphical header is a good idea … and I did see & notice at least a couple, before I knew about the change.

    I like that old, orphan, and even basket-case plugins are still there on Extend. It keeps ‘ideas’ where they can be seen, and folks do revive some of these clunkers. (Long as they’re not ‘exploits’, and in years of looking at a few thousand plugins, I have encountered only a couple such *possible/maybe* examples.)

    With 17,000 Plugins now on Extend, it will be a challenge at times to find what is wanted, even if all of them were completely up to snuff. And even if they were all perfect (not holding breath), one still will have to investigate, and ultimately download and test & compare, to make the best decision.


  7. Martin

    I like the new banners. I miss having the authors website listed in the right hand sidebar though, been gone for about a year now


  8. Dajuan Jones

    The more love for the plug-in developers the better. Extend is littered with unkept plug-ins. Kudos to the developers keeping their code worthy and up-to-date.


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