How To Add Flying Halloween Bats To Your WordPress Site

DW Halloween BatsFirst off, happy Halloween to those that celebrate it! If you’re looking to add a bit of spookiness to your site, you should check out the DW Halloween plugin by the Designwall Team. This plugin adds a custom post type called Pumkins. There are seven different flying pumpkins to choose from such as Joker Joomla, Mr DPumpkin, and Skull Druplicon. Each pumkin can be configured to display a message when a visitor hovers their mouse over the flying bat.

DW Halloween Plugin Settings

You can configure the bats with a number of parameters such as the image size, animation type, animation speed, wing speed, pause time, delay time, frame start, whether the image can be closed and finally, a custom CSS class. My recommendation is to allow visitors to close the flying bat in case they consider it a nuisance. Hat tip to Brad Williams for sharing this plugin.

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