Donate To Plugin Developers Day – March 1st

Vsellis who is a member of the WordPress community has put together a movement which he hopes will catch on. He is declaring that on March 1st, everyone should make a $5.00 donation to their favorite plugin or plugin-author. If you participate in this event, be sure to send out a tweet with the hash tag #WPPDD. Something like this ought to suffice, “I just donated to insert plugin name” #wppdd“. Vsellis has pledged $100 that will go to 20 different plugin developers.

It wasn’t long ago when something like this was happening on a weekly basis. In fact, it was called Donate Friday. I was heavily involved with promoting this effort. I noticed that quite a few others joined me every Friday to donate some cash to a different plugin author. After it was all said and done, I must have donated $50-$80 total. Unfortunately, I came on hard times around Halloween 2009 so I was unable to keep the donation streak going. I also noticed that others seem to quit donating as well.

Hoping this catches on as I’ll be monitoring the hash tag. I have some money available for donations so as long as I remember, a few plugin authors will get a treat on March 1st.

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