1. Otto

    We need a Get a WordPress Developer Drunk day too.

    “I just spent all my donations on sweet, sweet booze! #GAWDD”



  2. Darren

    Great idea! Donate Friday kind of petered out – I ran out of cash too :) I haven’t forgot about it though and hope to resume my friday donations soon!

    In the meantime I’m going to try to give away at least $10 on March 1st


  3. Viper007Bond

    There’s already a day for this. It’s January 28th. ;)



  4. Oliver Schlöbe

    @Viper007Bond -I wouldn’t mind if we had 365 of these days. :p


  5. Viper007Bond

    @Oliver Schlöbe – You’d hear no complaints from me. :)


  6. Edward Caissie

    The #365pdd gets my vote, too!


  7. John Zemler

    I’d be interested to know what you and your readers consider the ten best plug ins. The one’s you would donate to if you could. While most of the action on this site appears to be devs and designers, I am, alas, a mere user, and would benefit from the collective expertise of you and your readers,

    If you already posted such a list, per chance post it again or provide a link. But a non-tech person could benefit from knowing what you all think is essential in the land of plug ins. I’ve donated to devs in the past, and have no aversion to doing so again. People with valuable skills should be compensated, thinks me.
    Semper Pax, Dr. Z


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  9. donnacha | WordSkill

    @Otto – good idea, although I think a “Get a WordPress Developer Laid” Day would really take the idea into orbit.


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