How Was Built

First off, congratulations to Joshua Strebel and to his wife as they are now first-time parents. Secondly, Joshua has put together a pretty transparent view as to how he created, a WordPress specific hosting service. So far, the guide is five parts long but I advise you to start out with part 1, Identifying the opportunity.


3 responses to “How Was Built”

  1. Ronald says:

    Hey Jeff, looks like the link is broken.


  2. Brent Wilkes says:

    I had a very bad experience with I signed up for a trial but never used it. They ended up charging my credit card for over a year without sending me a receipt of any kind. Finally when I called to cancel they refused to refund the money they charged even though the site had gone down. Read their terms of service carefully before handing your credit card information over to them.



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