Pagely Logo In what I believe is the first time a managed WordPress hosting company has snatched up a competitor, has acquired The deal consisted entirely of cash with financial details not disclosed. BlogDroid customers will be moved over to the hosting platform while will obtain control over the BlogDroid domain. During the transition, the BlogDroid sales team will point new customers to This is the first time I’ve ever heard of BlogDroid but according to the press release, they were a fast growing company in the managed WordPress hosting space:

BlogDroid was an attractive acquisition for due to their impressive growth in a short period of time, a more polished brand than most competitors, and the “customer-first” approach made by Karen Jackie, co-founder of BlogDroid. She had the following to say about the acquisition

Congrats to both companies and I hope the transition goes over well for all BlogDroid customers. To get a more detailed perspective on how this acquisition came to be, read the announcement post on the official BlogDroid blog. If you’re a BlogDroid customer, I’d love to hear about your experience with the service in the comments.


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