How Commercial Plugin Developers Are Monetizing Through The Plugin Respository

In-depth article by Siobahn McKeown that breaks down how commercial plugin developers are monetizing their efforts through the plugin respository. The article covers the guidelines that plugin authors should follow, examples of successful plugins as well as plugins that didn’t meet the guidelines, and various ideas plugin authors can try. One of the things I learned through that article is the existence of a detailed plugin guidelines page which didn’t exist before. It’s about time something like this was created as it answers questions up-front instead of leaving a ton of uncertainty up to the plugin author.


2 responses to “How Commercial Plugin Developers Are Monetizing Through The Plugin Respository”

  1. I think the Freemium model is the way to go. Providing value in a free plugin is great for basic users of a plugin. For businesses and advanced users, it’s great to be able to purchase support and additional functionality required for more professional solutions.

  2. Agrees with Chris on this one! With so many options available out there this will give an opportunity to those that care to turn over a profit a pretty good way to do so.


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