HookPress – Seems Like A Great Idea

pluginspodcastlogoAngelo Mandato who produces the PluginsPodcast, a weekly show dedicated to WordPress plugins recently pushed out episode 24 which featured an interview with Mitcho, the developer of my favorite related posts plugin YARPP (Yet Another Related Posts Plugin). Not only is the interview informative, but during the second half of the show, we find out about another plugin Mitcho is developing called HookPress. HookPress is a plugin that enables WordPress to use Web Hooks. While I did watch the video presentation, I’m still trying to figure out myself how useful this is but considering the fact that these web hooks can be written in any language I believe is a killer feature for developers. If I’m wrong, feel free to correct me.

Webhooks goes beyond the HookPress plugin though as evidenced by the Webhooks blog, Anil Dash and his idea of the Push Button Web, and slides created by Jeff Lindsay explaining the concept. The following is a video presentation of HookPress.

If you’re a developer, please tell me more information about this concept and how it can be useful to you. Also, Mitcho is looking for feedback on his plugin so if you end up using it, be sure to contact him.

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