1. Ryan Hellyer

    Thanks for sharing the project Sarah :)


  2. Brin Wilson

    Wow – nice idea Ryan… that’s really interesting! I’ve seen these before in blog posts (and even remember quite a few myself) but it’s great to have them all in one place to refer (for fun or whatever) to for sure! ;)


  3. christopher

    very nice i have a virtual machine of all releases back to 0.7 (2003 i think) handy to login to see what has changed


  4. Chris Barnett

    Nice idea. You can use wget to automatically create a static mirror of a website e.g.

    wget –mirror –convert-links –page-requisites –no-parent http://example.com


    • Ryan Hellyer

      Thanks for the tip. I didn’t realise wget could do that. Does it work better than just clicking “Save as” in a web browser? Because when you do it in Chrome it doesn’t work very well, and a lot of stuff ends up broken.


      • Chris Barnett

        I’ve had good results with wget before. The mirror flag turns on recursion so wget can save a whole website with a single command. This wouldn’t save wp-admin though (you would probably need to disable the login to get this to work but make a db backup first if you try this). Note: the flags above should be prefixed with a double dash. I think these got stripped out when I commented.


  5. blair2004

    nice to know how we come from to prepare where we’re going.


  6. swissspidy

    This is an idea I had in mind for a long time, only did I want to provide real installations of these WordPress versions. The sites could be containerized or something like that. Also, I wanted to provide some more context about the versions (introduction, etc.). We’ll see how this project comes along. Maybe I’ll find time to contribute to it, too!


  7. sjtrain

    Would love to be a contributor….sounds like a fun project to be part of.


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