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I’ve received a good amount of feedback from folks asking me to generate case studies on the use of WordPress when it comes to large scale use or heavy modified development. I’d love to do these case studies to find out the particulars on how WordPress is used in certain situations but the problem is, I don’t know how to go about it. This idea has been circulating around thanks to John M when he made a thread about it in the forum. Personally, I would like to create a questionnaire that can be sent to these people but I’m not sure if that is the correct way to go. Furthermore, I don’t know which questions to ask when it comes to a case study. This is where I need your help. If you have ideas, questions, or anything of that sort, please post in that forum thread or here in the comments.


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  1. A case study dealing with scaling would probably have to include questions such as:
    – how many posts / pages ?
    – how many comments ?
    – how many registered members ?
    – how much traffic ?
    – performance related plugins used ?
    – server setup (like, basic shared stuff or beefy dedicated one)

    On the feature topics, I’d ask:
    – existence of an interface with something external to WP (like a forum, phpBB, a gallery, etc…) and if so, how is this done (plugin, dirty hack, etc)

    I’ll post more if I think about something else

  2. To start things off, here are a few questions to ask.

    1. Was this a brand new project, or was this a migration from a previous project? (If a migration, what cms or system were you migrating from?)

    1(b) – Additional question on migration – What difficulties did you experience when migrating from another system? Database issues, content issues, training issues, etc.

    2. Did you start with a theme and modify it, or did you build a custom template for the project?

    3. What plugins did you use and why did you choose those plugins?

    4. Where were there struggles in using WordPress to accomplish the project, and where did WordPress make it easier?

    5. What was type of scope was the project? How long did it take to complete? Were there other issues that had to be dealt with like training of staff to use the site, or modification of workflow?

  3. – If you’re interviewing a company, how do they go about setting up collaboration between different departments.
    – If you’re interviewing an individual “do-it-all” type company (like me ;-) ), about their process of getting a client on WordPress if it’s their first time or porting old content over to a new theme.
    – The basic design process they take, what questions do they ask their clients.

    And what @Ozh said above.


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