Helen Hou-Sandí Previews WordPress 4.0 at NYC Meetup


WordPress 4.0 release lead Helen Hou-Sandí recently gave an in-depth preview of the upcoming release at the WordPress NYC Meetup. Her presentation gives a complete overview of the new features that you will see in the official release next week.

Part of Hou-Sandí’s responsibility as the release lead is to help shape the scope, goals and features merged into WordPress. Her presentation includes context for each feature landing in 4.0. She covers how WordPress worked before the new features were added and explains the reasons behind each addition.

She also gives the audience an overview of what it’s like to lead a release and offers insight on managing a large group of volunteers on an open source project. At the end of the presentation she answers more specific questions from meetup attendees.

If you’ve been out of the loop and you want to quickly catch up on what’s coming in WordPress 4.0, check out the recording of the presentation:


5 responses to “Helen Hou-Sandí Previews WordPress 4.0 at NYC Meetup”

  1. Thanks Helen, that was a great talk.

    I even learnt a few things I didn’t realise were added to 4.0 such as being able to use “add from URL” for other media like YouTube and twitter, and also that WordPress will still display embedded tweets even after they have been deleted.


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