Have You Removed Or Disabled The Admin Bar?

After all the hoopla surrounding the addition of the admin bar which is enabled by default within WordPress 3.1, I’m wondering how many of you have actually gone through and removed or disabled this particular feature? If you kept the admin bar but have used a plugin or custom code to hide it until your mouse cursor is over the area, select the third option. This is an in-between method that keeps the admin bar out of sight until needed.

As for myself, I’ve found the admin bar to be very convenient especially as it relates to comments as the link takes me straight to the comment moderation queue. Also, instead of logging into the site and browsing to the new post section, I’ve been selecting the Add New post link within the admin bar. The only thing I don’t like about it is the color but that can be easily corrected.

While not directly related to the poll question, how many of you have actually added additional functionality to the admin bar in the form of links or something else?

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14 responses to “Have You Removed Or Disabled The Admin Bar?”

  1. I hate the Admin Bar on the front end – but I’m giving it a trial run on the back end.

    Of course, I run it on the front end for Theme-testing purposes (just to ensure that Themes’ layout/design doesn’t get broken due to the Admin Bar).

    (Maybe you could add a poll question to account for using the Admin Bar on either the front or back end, but not both?)

  2. I disabled it because I already have little enough screen real estate — due in part to a full bookmarks bar in my regular browser, with links to the back ends of all my sites. (Doesn’t everyone do that?)

  3. As long as I do have to get a Plugin to change things around the way I want them to be you won’t see the admin bar on my sites. I also don’t think it’s that much of an important thing for the average WP user.

  4. I use the admin bar on all of my personal sites, mostly to make it easier to jump from one to another. On one larger client network, though, I had to disable the admin bar on the front-end. They’re using a theme that has its own version of the admin bar built in to the front-end. Really, it’s a PITA because it was poorly executed and majorly borks the presentation of their home page for logged-in users.

    But in the end, there can only be one … and it’s easier to disable the new one that ships with WP than it is to re-write a poorly-designed theme.

  5. In a network, the adminbar with the snackbar is the best new feature in 3.1 for network admins (or blog admins with more than one blog). However, if I were running a single WP site, I would probably turn it off.

  6. Funny that Ron thinnks snack bar rocks (didn’t he write it)? Anyway Snack Bar does rock and I love the admin bar. It shines strongest on Multi site installs but it’s also nice for single installs and jumping around.

  7. I love the admin bar. I find it makes carrying out admin tasks much easier, and I’ve been learning how to customise it further. A positive step forward in my view.

  8. @Chip Bennett – Not sure I understand you. What do you mean by front-end and back-end? I see it on the front-end but I’m the only one that sees it. As for the back-end, I don’t see any admin bar.

  9. I use it on the backend but on the front it sometimes messes up spacing so I don’t use it there.

  10. @Larry Wilcox – Oh, well I’ve decided to keep it on for myself as it’s proving to be a very convenient way of accessing the same areas I’d want to access if I were in the Administration panel anyways. The admin bar just saves me a couple of mouse clicks.

  11. @Curtis – It was started by Westi, I added some links & then it was touched up by Pete Mall & Westi. The dev version has a link to the network admin sites menu that we missed in the first round.


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