Have You Ever Kvetched?

It’s been a long time since I’ve visited the Kvetch page on WordPress.org but recently, I discovered that the page loads a random Kvetch that was submitted by a user upon each page load. Think of this form as an anonymous way to complain or get something off your chest related to WordPress. Now, I’ve never submitted anything to this form before but from reloading the page a couple of times, I’ve managed to see a few repeats as well as determine when some of the submissions were made based on their complaint. Here are a couple examples.

“It annoys me that for every single update I have to download the entire package again and upload it all again. It’s understandable for big updates, but small ones?”

Obviously submitted prior to WordPress 2.7. Can’t believe we’ve had automatic upgrades since 2.7 as it feels like the feature was only recently added.

“I hate having to fix stuff for IE just to get a theme to work!”

Some things never change.

“For God’s sake, guys, implement an auto-saver for posts in case you close a tab by mistake (or whatever happens), and save millions of lives.”

Now called Post Revisions introduced in WordPress 2.6

“Please change the admin interface. It is much too clunky. The Tiger plugin and it’s stylesheet is far easier to navigate and makes so much more sense.”

You’re wish has come true, in many versions actually. In fact, it’s still changing!

Those are just a few of my favorites from the page. I’d like to see whatever responses are in that database emptied out and started with fresh ones. Let’s read some anonymous complaints regarding WordPress 3.2 and beyond! Some of them are good for a laugh or two sometimes. Also, I think there would be enough submissions from people that we shouldn’t see a repeat for a very long time.

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