1. Eric Mann

    Some are pretty useful. Some are outdated. Some, like this one, are kind of funny:

    “Matt Mullenweg”

    Not sure what the OP’s beef was exactly … but hey, the site doesn’t exactly ask for explanations.


  2. ron

    What is the definition of “Kvetch-ing”?


  3. that girl again

    Kvetch came about when a bunch of WP developers decided to leave the project due to their opinions not being listened to and started up Habari. It was basically window-dressing to make it look like Matt was interested in feedback after all.

    It’s tough getting Automattic to do wordpress.org maintenance (it doesn’t pay the bills) so my guess is that the kvetch ‘feature’ will either stay the same indefinitely or eventually be deleted. Unless they can outsource it to volunteers, like they did with theme reviews. That could work.


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