WordPress MU 2.7 Now Available

Donncha has announced the release of WordPress MU version 2.7 today. Donncha states that this release is mostly a code sync release but it also contains quite a few bug fixes. The most notable change in WordPress MU is the addition of Viper007bond’s admin bar. Upgrading to the latest release should be as simple as overwriting the old files with the new ones. However, always make a backup copy first before doing anything! Congrats goes out to Donncha and to everyone who submitted a patch for the slickest version of MU to date. (MU now has the same backend design as WordPress 2.7)


4 responses to “WordPress MU 2.7 Now Available”

  1. This is great! Although upgrading WPMU is always a little scary, it will be great once it’s over as the auto-upgrade is now built in!

    I’ve been running the trunk version for a few weeks now and it has seemed stable the entire time. Looking forward to upgrading these sites to the full final release

    Brad’s last blog post..The End of Nerd Week

  2. I need to test this a bit. I have four WPMU sites I maintain, three are running trunk versions and only one of those versions allows me to auto-upgrade (although I don’t want to do it on that version because it’s running BuddyPress and BP had a known issue with the beta) so I guess I can’t really answer whether it really works or not yet.

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