1. David Coveney

    The demo is non-functioning on an up to date Windows Phone. Sadly this is all too common. It’s not hard to support IE10 & 11, but too many developers and companies simply don’t bother even failing to account for the desktop edition.

    Ignoring minority but still important browsers is like ignoring Macs ten years ago. I can understand why. If you’re working on a Mac testing in IE means firing up a virtual machine, and that’s a faff. It’s harder the other way though…PC users have no access to OSX at all. But we’re professionals, so let’s support all the things :-)


  2. qoppa

    @david not a browser problem, the theme comes bundled with high resolution media adding total size to over 7mb, so it take time to load those resources. It takes its time to load on desktop browsers too. It needs to be sorted out first.


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