GavickPro Releases Free WordPress Portfolio Theme for Design, Art and Photography Websites

A few months ago, the folks at GavickPro abandoned their GavernWP Framework in favor of using the WordPress customizer for theme options. The shop’s customers found the original framework to be too cumbersome and confusing, so the GavickPro team decided to move away from frameworks altogether.

With the customizer in place as the baseline for the next generation of themes, GavickPro has been releasing a string of free products to give potential customers a way to test drive the new approach. Portfolio is the latest theme release, created to showcase art and photography with a lightweight, minimalist design.


Portfolio items in the this simple theme are essentially just regular posts with a featured image assigned. No extra portfolio plugin is required. If you set the homepage to display the latest posts, it will use the grid layout that you see in the theme’s demo. Mousing over a post toggles its title and excerpt into view.

portfolio-customizerThe customizer includes options for setting the background and primary color for your site. It also allows you to easily change the number of columns, the date format, and enable/disable word-break.

The Portfolio theme also offers options for selecting from a predefined list of Google Fonts for the header and body. You can also paste in the URL for any other Google Font that you prefer to use.

The theme includes one widget area and support for the gallery, image, link, quote, and video post formats.

A social links menu can be created by adding the following available CSS classes to your menu items:

  • icon-fb
  • icon-gplus
  • icon-twitter
  • icon-youtube
  • icon-pinterest
  • icon-rss

The theme also includes built-in support for Disqus. Threaded comments, author boxes, and sharing buttons are all nicely styled to remain in the background with portfolio content in the spotlight.

The Portfolio theme is mobile-friendly and responds well to various devices. Your work will look beautiful, no matter the screen size.


If you like the content in the live demo, you can download it as a WXR file, which includes the sample menus, posts, and images to help you get started.

The theme is simply named Portfolio and after testing it, I can confirm that all the customization features work as advertised. I’d recommend it for simple portfolio sites where you don’t need to have portfolio items separate from the rest of the content on your site. It’s available to download for free from the GavickPro website. You can also find the code on GitHub.



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