1. Jeff Chandler

    Good looking theme. I like their insight into a Joomla theme company moving into the WordPress theme space. RocketTheme has long been a huge part of the Joomla commercial theme space for years and it didn’t take them long to hop into WordPress although I’m not sure how well their WordPress themes are selling.


  2. trishasalas

    Thank you for this write-up, Sarah. I’ve been looking for a good BuddyPress Theme for a student art site that I’m building. I wish I had the time to build something myself but this is pretty close to what I want! Very well done theme! I ended up signing up for their very reasonably priced theme club. :)


  3. Marcus L Tibesar

    I notice you author quite a few posts on BuddyPress Sarah. Several years ago, I started a private Family archive for our family members located all over the world. Family members are able to upload stories (posts), photos, documents, videos and audio recordings. We now have almost 10,000 photos and almost 1,000 documents and stories in the family archive. The intention of this digital archive is to last hundreds of years and be available to all our future generations.

    Should we as a family now consider BuddyPress as a serious platform for our family’s archive? I believe we never considered it before because it had a lot of technical problems.

    Do you believe there will be enough traction in the future to keep BuddyPress going and to sustain itself?

    Thank you very much!


  4. Sarah Gooding

    Yes, I believe BuddyPress will keep going strong in the future. However, if your family’s archive is simply a place to store information, then you don’t need BuddyPress – just use WordPress. If you want the social features of BP for your family to use, then you might consider adding BuddyPress to your WordPress-powered archive site.


    • Marcus L Tibesar

      A huge problem that we have is getting family member participation. So, we’ll give the BuddyPress plugin a try in hopes of creating a stronger family-community. Thank you very much!


  5. rahul286

    @Marcus This is Rahul from rtMedia (BuddyPress-Media plugin) team.

    We started rtMedia because, we wanted a private social network with image management. BuddyPress gave us a simple social network we were looking for. As there was no media solution present for it, we developed rtMedia.

    BuddyPress is easy to use. Non techie users are more comfortable with front-end upload as compared to backend upload. So I hope your family will like BuddyPress (with rtMedia).

    @Sarah thanks for writing about gavickpro. It’s a nice theme. rtMedia users will like this. We will include it in our supported theme list soon. :-)

    @Lee Batten I am sorry to hear frequent rtMedia updates caused pain on your end. We will be more careful before pushing CSS updates. As of now, we notify theme developers about upcoming changes in well advance via emails. Please let me know if a developer from your team wish to be added to this email list?


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