1. Robert

    Anders is one of the few that releases REALLY FREE themes on the official repository. So kudos to him!


  2. Mel Choyce

    Another stunning theme from Anders. Kudos :)


  3. Guido

    He creates very nice themes indeed, but gives almost no support in the theme forums at wp dot org. IMO that’s part of the job as well.


  4. Collins Agbonghama

    Another great looking theme as always from Anders.


  5. David

    Nice themes, glad to of found this article and his work.


  6. Andre

    Actually, I have to say I like this one…very simplistic, clean, and it puts more focus on the photographic content. The only thing I can say I’m not a fan of is the scrollbar on the menu, but that is the only thing. Overall, this theme actually creates a nice story book style that is great for visuals.


  7. Daniel Jones

    This is really nice! Iv released a free theme in a similar vein for anyone looking for an alternative in the same genre :)

    Demo https://demo.sitecreate.io/kuva/
    Download https://www.sitecreate.io/themes-and-templates/kuva-free-wordpress-photography-portfolio-theme/

    Have submitted to WP.org of course so with some luck should be widely available in a month or so :)


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