hack.summit() Event for Developers Will Be Live-Streamed February 22-24


Hack.summit() is a unique event for developers that is set to be live-streamed February 22-24, 2016. It is the world’s largest virtual conference ever assembled, with 64,000 developers registered for last year’s event. hack.summit() will feature an impressive array of programming language creators and open source contributors and all ticket sales/donations go to support programming non-profits such as Code.org, Code for America, CoderDojo, and Girls Who Code.

The event focuses on three primary objectives:

  • To educate programmers of all languages and skill sets
  • To raise money for coding nonprofits
  • To encourage mentorship among software developers

In lieu of traditional ticket sales, hack.summit() attendees are asked to donate to one of the selected coding non-profits. Those who are not financially able to donate can get a free ticket by sharing the event on Twitter or Facebook. Attendees are provided with a unique ticket number after registering, which includes access to the live conference.

The event heavily promotes mentoring by asking attendees to sign a hack pledge to help mentor the next generation of developers with a minimum of one hour of coding help. The hack pledge video below features stories from programmers who have struggled to master software craftsmanship and those who benefited greatly from mentors:

hack.summit() will also host the largest virtual hackathon in the world. Participants will create a web app using any publicly available API that falls within three general categeries: data visualization, productivity, or gaming. Last year’s event drew 60,000 coders from more than 900 cities. Participants will compete to win from a $150,000 prize pool.

If you’re looking for an interesting non-WordPress event to attend this year, hack.summit() is one of the most accessible with high quality speakers that will expand your technical horizons.


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