1. Seb

    “When full-site editing does land in core WordPress, it needs to do so with a bang, not a whimper.”

    Why not? Gutenberg makes theme devs whimper since release, so why interupt this best practice? /s


  2. Ed

    I tend to hesitate when enabling the latest version of the Gutenberg plugin. Although the new block selector feature (preview images, etc) are nice, the list of blocks again repeats in an endless loop.


  3. Sjoerd

    Hi Justin, are there no changes for the block library?
    I think it will do much good for block ecosystem.


  4. Jon

    I was just getting used to Gutenberg after using Classic Editor for so long time but since WP 5.5 they have removed the Permalink Block that was above the Title block in the previous versions.

    My question is why? As this should be there back in again.
    The permalink document section is to small to edit the URL for the post. This should be in front in the editor screen above the title as the URL of the post is as important ad the Title.

    If WP wants to copy parts of Wix or make it more simple than they should not make things harder. Even Wix has Permalink settings above the title!
    Hope they will fix it or there comes a solution as I cannot enjoy using WordPress like I did before.


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