1. Davis Shaver

    Can an audit be indepenent if it is conceived, contracted, and reviewed by the same people whose work is being audited?


    • Peter

      If the audit is performed by personnel from the same team/organization that’s building Gutenberg, then it’s most definitely not independent and cannot be considered objective. On the hand, there’s the option of using the classic editor plugin until accessibility is truly ready. In some parts of the economy accessibility is required by law. This will put undo stress on some .gov and .org web admins.

      I feel that Gutenberg is the future, it’s just not ready for prime time.


  2. Mike Hart

    I like Gutenberg, its the future.

    However I just updated my Gutenberg plugin. Now I just get a blank white screen when I try to edit a Gutenberg page. Was working fine up till now.

    I really think they need to up their game and give us something more stable/finished. I’m now going to stop using Gutenberg until the official release.


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