1. Andre

    Too much white space, the eyes have to work harder. Nice attempt to try and improve but too much improvements can have a negative effect.

    The icon and title/name is too far apart and I know it was mentioned in github about this, but definitely needs tightening up. Also, getting back to the “too much white space” issue, it just makes it harder to distinguish the separation of each element. Having the background colour helps contain each element in it’s own space.


    • Anh Tran

      Agree. The icon and block title should be closer to make it feel in a same block.

      With this update, does that mean Material icons is always available in the WordPress’s admin (when Gutenberg is merged into core)? So developers can use them freely in the settings page, meta boxes, etc.?


    • Graham Armfield

      I agree with this. The old design may look ‘dated’ to some, but it’s a lot kinder on the eyes.


  2. Jesse

    Time to abandon Dashicons for good. Material Icons should be used in their place for WordPress Core. Very well designed, with great use of “monospace” (better than Font Awesome).


  3. Panos Sakalakis

    I’ll be honest, as much as I actually like Gutenberg, I kinda started hating the new design. It’s not that eye-friendly and writing a lot of hours makes you really tired – well, your eyes at least.


  4. Marcus Tibesar

    Just curious as to why versioning jumped from 3.5 to 3.62. Was there a version 3.6 and 3.61? Thank you in advance!


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