1. Salman

    Is it Block Editor or we can call it Gutenberg after all?
    I am personally more comfortable with Gutenberg.


    • Justin Tadlock

      The block editor is one piece of the overall Gutenberg project. For this post, we are talking about the recent Gutenberg plugin update.

      When talking about the WordPress editor, I generally use the term “block editor” to differentiate it with the “classic editor.” However, it’s probably time we just start calling it the “editor” or “content editor.”


  2. Bjarne

    PDF fixed height in pixels and no mobile device support? Who was this made for? As much as I’d like to settle with core blocks only, I can’t imagine a scenario where I would pamper 40% of my visitors and ignore the rest.

    I’m a big Gutenberg advocate – all my blogs use it – but this is one of the many decisions that makes it such a hard sell.

    Anyhow. A great weekend to everyone :)


  3. Matías

    If all goes according to plan, core patterns would migrate to the pattern directory and stop needing to be bundled for 5.8. That would allow to add, expand, and refine them outside the WordPress release cycles.


  4. Dave Loodts

    Quit nice to mention for Gutenberg 10.5 is also the Pattern Transition. So a regular quote block can be transitioning into a Pattern where the Quote block is used. That takes it to the next level, compared with Block styles. Cool feature.
    And lastly, Justin: running Gutenberg on a live-website; you daredevil ;-)


  5. Luiz

    Honestly, Gutenberg is the future, not the present.
    I just started an account on Notion… wow… when I looked at the UI… Notion is Gutenberg done right. Gutenberg team should take a look at them.


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