1. Robert

    Judging by the book custom post type example, it seems that the author field is being stored inside the post content, instead of a separate meta field or taxonomy. In my opinion, this is a terrible decision, because one cannot, for example, query books by author this way.


  2. Hashim Warren

    I am very encouraged by this update!


  3. Peter

    At last I am not absolutely sure anymore that almost every site I ever developed will just break instantly just because of Gutenberg being unable to handle metaboxes or fall back as a last resort.


  4. Laura Brown

    Gutenberg seems to be a new toy for developers and marketers. I installed it and uninstalled it the same hour. I don’t want to put time into figuring out where basic functions have been moved to, if they are still available at all. As a reader I am already tired of the blocks thing so I’m not going to use it on my own sites. I think blocks are a fad, already getting tiresome.


    • Tim Kaye

      I’ve actually just done the same thing, Laura!

      I’m beginning to wonder if it’s all just a joke. After all, why would anyone think it’s a good thing to hide all the functionality? I can’t think of any other software I’ve used that does that.

      If the Gutenberg developers have genuinely arrived at this hide-the-ball concept after all the user feedback they’ve had, then either they aren’t very good at listening or else they’ve been asking the wrong questions.


      • Matt Scheurich

        Have you guys tried out Medium? It’s probably one of the originators of a good well-rounded writing UX that integrates rich media and some funky formatting. Gutenberg is WordPress’s attempt to modernise with an updated UX inspired by writers like Medium and provide the stepping stones for the next wave of website creators to create sweet content with.

        I still feel there are some dodgy decisions in the architecture of Gutenberg, but since there’s plenty of that in WP already and we can still make pretty decent websites with it (who’s perfect anyway?), Gutenberg could actually prove to be the new (if maybe awkward at first) normal.

        But I guess it is a pretty tall order to write software that affects 25% of the world’s websites. Not everyone is gonna be pleased.


      • Tim Kaye

        @Matt Scheurich,

        Have you guys tried out Medium? It’s probably one of the originators of a good well-rounded writing UX that integrates rich media and some funky formatting.

        No, because that is actually a terrible environment for long-form writing.

        Have you tried LyX? That’s how it’s done. I choose a template and then just write. Nothing “funky,” no toolbars wandering in and out, no clicking on buttons to open stuff that should be open in the first place. I can even (and do) use one set of fonts and font sizes to write in, but a different set to publish with.


  5. Michael McGlynn

    I’ll just never understand why WP would undertake a project like Gutenberg when the Media Library is so incredibly crude in comparison to almost every other widely adopted CMS.


    • Robert

      Agreed. Core devs priorities are weird. I find surprising that none of them want to work in areas (an improved media library, post-to-post relationships, multilanguage support, etc…) that would yield a positive reaction from both users and developers. Instead they like to work in the Customizer, a new iteration of the Twenty theme, or the new shiny toy in the room, Gutenberg. Puzzling.


  6. Guido

    I hope good old meta boxes will be supported the next couple of years, otherwise I’m forced to remove my plugin from the repository. Because this might be too complex for me.. I’m a slow learner.


  7. Scott

    Fix the damn media library! It’s so old. Images still can’t be tagged.


  8. Aris Kuckovic

    There’s plugins for that…

    True – but the media library itself should be optimized.
    A plugin like that should be a temporary stand-in until they get it done.
    But God knows if it will happen :)


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