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gravatarlogoThanks to Viper007bond on Twitter, I was notified of a new redesign for Seems as though most sites under the Automattic umbrella are getting a refresh these days. The new design definitely provides more information than its counterpart along with links to developer resources on the front page. Also, there is a large screencast video produced by Michael Pick which explains what the service is all about.

Gravatar gets a new look
Gravatar gets a new look

Gravatar is not a complex site so this simple front page sums up the site quite well. What do you think?


3 responses to “ Gets A New Look”

  1. @Martin – Me too. I think there are a number of great suggestions in that comment thread. By the way, we have this to look into from Matt:

    portent of things to come.

    We could have some fun and try to decipher what that means!

    @Andrea_R – Yeah, overall I think it gives a much clearer picture of what Gravatar is all about without having to dive deep under the surface.


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