1. Sunshiney

    well, now I know where local dev domain went… Wondered why Google upset the world of local devs …


  2. Daniel James

    I’m curious as to when Google will start letting individuals register dot Dev domains. Many registrars have a ‘date to be decided’ next to the release for the gTLD but there seems to be no further word on when.

    It’s nice to see it being used though and promoting open source. All things considered, open source just doesn’t feel very well known and if this can give people a better understanding of what it is, maybe it’ll gain even more support from businesses.


  3. Andron

    Can’t access the site, since I’ve still got .dev mapping rules in my local hosts file. I’m getting a “connection refused” error. Somehow I doubt I’m the only one.


  4. Sara

    Very nice little introduction, with some good links, to get started. But very little interactivity and/or links to communities/forums, for you to make the next step. Start connecting with “similar minded” people.


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