Google Announces Season of Docs Program to Match Technical Writers with Open Source Projects

Google is launching a new program called Season of Docs with the goal of fostering collaboration between technical writers and open source projects. The initiative is very similar to Google Summer of Code, except it is focused on documentation and technical writing contributions instead.

Prospective participants can apply during the month of April 2019. Google plans to publish a list of accepted organizations with their ideas for documentation projects. Technical writers can choose a project and submit a proposal to Season of Docs. The accepted proposals will be published July 30, 2019, and participants will then spend a month bonding with their open source communities and collaborating with mentors. The Season of Docs program officially runs from September 2 – November 29, and participants will receive a stipend of $2400 – $6,000 USD, calculated based on Purchasing Power Parity.

In 2017, Google’s Open Source Survey results showed that incomplete or missing documentation was one of the most common problems encountered in open source, observed by 93% of respondents. The Season of Docs program aims to give technical writers an opportunity to contribute to open source projects in a more structured way while learning about open source code. Participating organizations gain the chance to improve their processes for documenting their projects while working with a technical writer. Check out the FAQ section of the Season of Docs website for more detailed information.



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