1. Suanlian Tangpua

    Great News! Invisible reCaptcha for WordPress seems a very good plugin..Will install right away.


  2. abdussamad

    we’ve come full circle. back in the day wp hashcash was used for similar anti-spam purposes. that plugin still works but some spammers can get past it simply by enabling javascript execution in their bots. maybe they use headless browsers automated with phantomjs or something.

    google obviously does more than ask for proof of work from browsers so hopefully it’ll be better than wp hash cash.


  3. MihChe

    Thank you Sarah for featuring my plugin here on WPTavern.



  4. Danny Brown

    I’ve always used the Anti-Spam plugin from Webvitaly, and this has been hugely effective (it’s also invisible like the Google one, except it doesn’t require you to tick anything).

    It’s only for blog comments, but a great little plugin.


  5. Ruby

    That plugin is magic,

    An anti-spam solution should be an headache for spammers, not legitimate users.

    But then, the lock in front of your door, is your headache, not the thiefs’


  6. Otto

    I switched the WordPress.org registration form over to using this new Invisible reCAPTCHA code today. It’s relatively straightforward to do if you already use the v2 API.


  7. Adrian

    The setup is so easy and there is no delay regarding page loading time. Google probably has a very good algorithm to fight the spams without ugly captchas. It’s great that we have finally a WordPress plugin that integrates Google spam detection into our websites. And it’s free!!! Many thanks to the developer !


  8. Joel Wolfgang

    I wonder if you could hide the badge with CSS. Has anyone tried?


  9. Rijo Abraham

    The new feature is awesome and it welcomes more genuine comments. Must replace the existing re-captcha plugin.


  10. Tazz

    Just started using it, for too long I’ve been getting spammed to death by fake users.

    I also noticed registration spam on a different website, not sure how they benefit from creating profiles on websites without actually ever commenting or having links on their profile pages.


  11. William Patton

    While this is a good thing for end users I wonder how exactly that words and characters that are indecipherably by machines will now be converted. An invisible captcha (or a simple checkbox like the new system) will no longer ask users to decipher those unreadable words so I expect the digitization project to be majorly slowed with this move.


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