1. Jesse

    Looks colorful and flashy and says “Google” on it, so I’m sure it will receive thousands of installs very quickly. However it’s clear this thing will be a beast in terms of API calls and code bloat…

    Plus, I’m assuming it will force load most of these scripts in the header rather than the footer. And now thousands more webmasters will be installing both Tag Manager and also GA and others, meaning a potential mess of duplicate scripts.

    It was nice to see the new Google GSC console finally begin encouraging verification by DNS records instead of janky HTML files and snippets, but this looks like 2 steps backward.

    Ultimately I’m guessing this will hurt WordPress performance and stability more than it helps. And look how poorly other Big Tech corporations took care of their “official” WordPress plugins, such as Facebook, Google AMP, CloudFlare, SendGrid, etc…


  2. Orlando Alonzo

    Google’s JetPack…


  3. Anh Tran

    The preview is great! Many users are using Google Analytics, Search Console and Pagespeed. This site kit will help a lot in bringing everything to WordPress.

    I’ve worked with Google PHP library and my main concern is it’s a really big library. I hope this site kit will be optimized for WordPress uses and doesn’t affect the website performance.


  4. Lenin Zapata

    It looks great, but personally I would not use it, this consumes a lot of resources and I do not need this plugin in my blogs, I just need to go to the google page and review from there, I do not want unnecessary data in my database wordpress


  5. Alex de Borba

    I do agree with the fact that having Google on it would lead many users to install it just because it has a name, as well as a “shiny interface”, however, Google is no longer synonym for “reliability” as they release new products as quickly as they discontinue.

    Personally speaking, I would not install it as I can predict it to affect page load, then again, I do not see any use for it, they even have a Chrome extension that does basically the very same without having it installed on WordPress.


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