Would Anyone Be Interested in a WordCamp Badges Plugin?

wcmia-badgeWordcamp Miami Badges is a new plugin in the WordPress directory today. It allows speakers, attendees and volunteers to easily display badges indicating their participation in the 2014 event, which is estimated to surpass 700 this year.

The badges plugin was created by Myles McNamara, a self-described “geek who loves open source, writing code, and helping others out.” After searching the directory for a plugin that would display an event-specific WordCamp badge, he couldn’t find a suitable option and was inspired to create a new plugin. WordCamp Miami Badges makes it easy to place a badge on your website using a configurable shortcode or widget.


The Possibility of a Generic WordCamp Badges Plugin

I got in touch with McNamara to find out how difficult it would be for other WordCamp organizers to adapt the plugin for their own events. He said that it’s possible to restructure it for use as a generic WordCamp badges plugin. “As of right now this will only work for the Miami one as I hard coded the images into the plugin, but it would be very easy to add an option for the user to specify the image, or even just set it as a variable in one of the files that others could change to what they want,” he said.

McNamara has a few ideas for enhancements to the plugin that he’d like to add, if there’s enough interest in converting this beta version into a widespread WordCamp plugin:

  • A Countdown Clock
  • A Ribbon throughout entire site (like the GitHub fork me one)
  • A Sticky footer throughout entire site
  • A More customization for image (resizing, floating (absolute positing) image
  • Add animations using animate.css

McNamara contributes to a number of open source projects on Github, including ownCloud and the Pods Framework for WordPress. If he gets enough interest in a generic WordCamp badges plugin, he’d be happy to adapt the WordCamp Miami plugin for broader use. If you’d like to get involved, you can contribute code and localizations to the plugin via GitHub.

What do you think? Would a WordCamp Badges plugin be useful for promoting events? Do you like McNamara’s list of proposed enhancements? Or is it just as easy to upload a badge to your website?

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  1. If a WordCamp provides badge images, then I’ve always just used a Text widget to display them in a sidebar or similar. Not all of them make badges, but they should, really. I’ve talked to people at WordCamps that only found out about their local camp happening by seeing a badge on somebody’s site.

    A plugin for this is easy enough, if there was a central place to have them. Maybe we should make a badge generator thingy on wordcamp.org or something similar. Make it easier for WordCamps to not just have them for others, but to actually create them too.


    1. Great idea. I too was going to suggest that rather than having to install a plugin, I’d much rather use some embed code and place it into a Text widget. That’s what I’ve done in the past.


  2. My comment didn’t even stick from last time so I’m just posting again for the heck of it to see what happens. :)

    And it worked! Last time it actually refreshed and showed me what appeared to be a mobile navigation menu. DOn’t know!

    My original comment was: BADGEOS SITE!! Achievements, Badges….. let’s do it! ;) ((Can you imagine the dev time needed for that?!?! ))


    1. Wrong type of badges you’re thinking of, I think. But, checked profiles on org lately? That will get expanded, eventually.


  3. Yes, absolutely. Especially if the plugin outputs dynamic content that can scale to fit different sized widgetized areas. Having consistent badges across different WordCamps will boost visibility and add more inclusion in the community.


  4. Yes please! Now that it’s a feature in our WordPress.org profiles, it could tie to that. Promote whatever the next upcoming WordCamp is, and a see my past talks with links to wordcamp.tv would be really good.


  5. WordCamp Switzerland is this weekend, too late for this plugin ;-) but I’d find it a very good help to promote WordCamps.


  6. Yes please :) – taken a fork of Myles’ code, see – if/when I get round to it – if I can help contribute :)


  7. It would be nice to see a centralized place for badges, maybe a CDN where this plugin could pull images from. That would required each WordCamp to provide a badge prior to the event. Just a thought..


    1. As if WordCamps don’t have enough requirements as it is :P I like the idea but would like the badge to be optional. I bet most would offer some sort of badge though. Would be cool to see how unique the badges are to their WordCamp location.


  8. WCDFW organizer here (one of many), definitely interested in forking this for our WC in the Fall and possibly contributing back a more generic code…


  9. As a co-organizer of WPYEG this would be great!


  10. I suppose a generic plugin could work as I’d rather see that then a fork created for each WordCamp event. The best option was suggested by Otto above. WordCamp Central having a badge generator which could easily be embedded onto webpages.


  11. I think WordCamp Central should do the following badges:

    I am speaking at WordCamp…
    I am attending at WordCamp..
    I am volunteer at WordCamp…
    I am sponsoring WordCamp…

    However I think the badges should have year on them.

    I am speaking at WordCamp Toronto 2014
    I am attending at WordCamp Toronto 2014
    I am volunteer at WordCamp Toronto 2014
    I am sponsoring WordCamp Toronto 2014

    However I wouldn’t like to see the badges be generic type with just the name of the location be different. each city should be unique.

    I think the badges should be different sizes. not just 125 x 125.

    125×125, 300×250, 468 x 60, 728 x 90, 120×600, 160×600


  12. Sounds like a pretty cool idea. I know of other groups that have used a kind of “press/photo pass” widget to display their attendance at events, including a mini profile and previous related events attended, organisation, position, event roles, etc. Like mini virtual resume IDs.


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