1. carrie

    Nice move, Shawn! Congrats!


  2. Mark Bailey

    Congratulations Shawn! Your videos are great, and this is a testament to that!


  3. pointpath

    I have used Godaddy forever with lots of good stories about their service and people. I have been using WordPress for a couple of months. Great experiences and lessons from the WordPress camp. I am excited to see this progress as a Godaddy- WordPress happy customer.


  4. rajesh

    wp101=apple apple in the electronics and wp101 in wordpress training shawn like your work man awesome


  5. eherman24

    I have a Media Temple hosting account and logged into my site the other day and noticed a random WP101 plugin installed onto my site without prior knowledge. I was quite disappointed when I found out this was installed on my site without my knowledge, and am unable to delete it. I can deactivate it, but the plugin files remain on my server.

    Shawn has done a great job with the plugin, but it’s not something I need and would have preferred to be given the option to install it on my site. I have been quite disappointed with Media Temples services as of late.


    • Shawn

      Sorry to hear the installation caught you off guard. I would have expected them to at least give you heads-up before installing the plugin on your site. And I’m surprised to learn you can’t completely remove the plugin.

      Specific implementation details are left to the web hosting companies, but I would hope they would respond to a support request to give customers the option of deleting the plugin if desired.

      Thanks for the feedback.


    • Dan Knauss

      Why aren’t you able to delete it?


      • eherman24

        I’m not sure, I tried too and was hitting a permissions error. I figured they had set the permissions so users couldn’t remove the plugin entirely but deactivate it if they no longer need it.

        Regardless, Shawn, thanks for creating the plugin. I watched the first tutorial in the series and it was very professional and the layout of the plugin is super clean. I will certainly be referencing the plugin and site on to any future clients.


    • Matthew Lebo

      Appreciate the feedback, and we’ll definitely be using this for future feature launches on the WP product. The WP101 plugin was added last Friday, and it was meant to be a soft launch. After soft launch, we were going to announce it to our customer base in the weekly newsletter. Whenever we launch something new, we quietly release it into the wild to see if it’s performing up to our standards. If something goes wrong, we’re able to quietly pull things back, fix it, and release it publicly in confidence. Finally, even though you disable it, the plugin will stay in the panel but will not count against your disk quota.

      I hope this touched on everything you were looking for. I’ve been speaking with our WP product managers this morning, and they’re happy to receive all the feedback because it just helps them improve for future additions. Feel free to contact me directly regarding the disappointment in the platform. We’d love to get more feedback on what we’re doing wrong, and how we can improve.


  6. BobWP

    Hey Shawn, first off, a big congrats! I think I remember you dropping some hints about this on Twitter and was anxious to see what was going on.

    And you made some really good points regarding WordPress education. It has really grown over the last year or so, and although I didn’t get into as far back as 2008, for me I think it was more around 2010. I believe we had both seen a lot happen.

    I have had several people hire me for coaching on just that. They wanted to start teaching as well. Some really want it as their focus, others more of an extra service offered. But as you stated, the majority have seen the implications of keeping things updated, and have slowly disappeared from the scene.

    It’s obvious you have made another great and major move. I have had a few approach me on partnerships as well, but nothing has quite gelled with me yet. ;)

    Lastly, thanks for the shoutout. You mentioned a lot of great resources out there for learning WordPress. I know that earlier this year I added video tutorials myself, and am just starting local workshops again. I feel the beauty of this community is the fact that there can be several options to learn via video tutorials to cover all the learning styles that people have.



    • Shawn

      Thanks, Bob. Appreciate you and everything you do for the WordPress community. I love sending folks your way anytime I feel it’s a better fit. In the end, our goal is the same — helping people learn how to use WordPress so they can build beautiful blogs and websites that ultimately enable them to create the life they want. That’s the fun of it, isn’t it?


  7. Dan Knauss (@newlocalmedia)

    GoDaddy owns Media Temple, just in case anyone missed that.


  8. eherman24

    Not entirely sure. It could have just been that I caught it the day they got it installed, and permissions weren’t entirely worked out. This was a few days ago, so I haven’t tried again.

    Regardless, Shawn has done a great job with the plugin and my comment wasn’t meant to take anything away from him. I will most certainly be forwarding any future clients along to the plugin and the site. It seems to be a great resource for people just getting there feet wet with WordPress. The videos are definitely top tier, and something I wish I had when I first got started!


    • Felix Gorodishter

      Thanks for the heads up on the permissions. We missed a -R in our chown command after pushing it out. This is being corrected right now, and it was definitely not intentional.

      Please let me know if there is anything else we can help with.


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