1. David Decker (deckerweb)

    Awesome news! It’s one of my all time favorite plugins – top-notch work, also including great contributions from Gary Jones! :-)


    • Andy Fragen

      GitHub Updater certainly wouldn’t be where it is today without Gary’s PRs and Paul Clark’s discussion and guidance. That said, go and break the develop branch.

      Thanks David.


  2. Jeremy Saxey

    So how is this different than WP Pusher? WP Pusher also installs and updates Github/Bitbucket plugins and themes, so I’m a little confused as to how the two differ.


    • afragen

      I cannot speak with authority regarding WP Pusher, but GitHub Updater requires the developer of the plugin or theme to opt in to automatic updates by inserting a header into their code. It is also open source and developed on GitHub.

      While you can remotely install any plugin or them from GitHub or Bitbucket only those repos with the designated header will be receive automatic updates.

      My supposition is that WP Pusher stores the repos it installs in the database so it can access them later for updates. GitHub Updater only stores transients.

      GitHub Updater is free while WP Pusher is a paid service for certain features.

      If you have any specific questions I can answer, please let me know.


      • Jeremy Saxey

        Thanks for the response. That helps clarify. They appear very similar.

        With Github Updater, how do you install a plugin from a private repo if you don’t have any other private repo hosted plugins installed? It appears you have to enter your private credentials in the Settings page, but that only shows up if you already have a private repo-hosted plugin installed in the 1st place. Am I missing something there?

        Great work, btw. Excited about these latest updates. This will help my work significantly.


  3. afragen

    Jeremy, lets move this over to GitHub please. Can you create a new issue and images are helpful.


  4. Jeremy Saxey

    Thanks afragen. Created Github issue:


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