1. Matt

    Nice! Thanks for reporting on this.

    As an existing user of Atom, the optional IDE-PHP plugin will make the ATOM core better. Even the atom-ide-ui plugin package is separate. Those that don’t want a more IDE like experience can just ignore these offerings. Seems like a very accommodating way of pushing these new changes.

    I’m gonna check it out even while in beta and hopefully it’s not an alpha labeled as a beta. Lol.


  2. Ciprian Popescu

    That’s awesome news! I started using Atom last year and I have it installed on all my computers now (home, work, portable) and I synchronise all accounts and packages among them, a feature I couldn’t find with other IDEs.

    1.21 should be available next week, so I’ll wait for the stable version before jumping in.


  3. Eugene Kopich

    hmmm, and the new big update of Sublime Text 3 at the same time


  4. Per Søderlind

    Wish that somebody would extend the ide-php and create ide-wordpress (using atom-languageclient)


  5. lawrence77

    Electron eats RAM. :/


  6. scriptgod

    Just switched over from Atom to PHPStorm. Don’t get me wrong, Atom has been a great solution for me for 2 years, but PHPStorm is just more of a ‘complete package’. It’s always good to see competition though.


  7. Jon

    One hopes they have increased its performance. One of the reasons I ditched Atom was because it was incredibly slow.


  8. frank

    I ditched atom a few weeks ago after enduring incredibly slow performance for months. I’m now happily using vs code with no regrets whatsoever.


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