1. Bryan Eggers

    I’m tempted to try this but first, has anyone installed this on a big site? I have 15,000 articles and 50,000 images, so changing search and re-indexing wouldn’t be trivial. Looking forward to any feedback. Thanks!


  2. Bryan Eggers

    Just tried to leave a reply and got this:

    Error 503 Service Unavailable

    Service Unavailable

    Guru Meditation:

    XID: 925908614

    Varnish cache server


  3. Mark Gavalda (@MarkGavalda)

    I’d be interested in a benchmark against ElasticSearch which seems to be the default search technology for WordPress these days. And I love it too :)


  4. Phil v. Sassen

    Does this work with a WordPress multisites?


  5. Steve Barker

    Nice article :)

    Bryan: Gigaom seems to be a pretty big site. They have ~6.5 million unique views per month, but I’m not sure how many documents they have indexed– I bet there are a lot.

    And, I wrote about installing these plugins and about how to build Sphinx indexes using the sample configuration file here: http://sphinxsearch.com/blog/2014/11/12/gigaom-wordpress-plugins-and-sphinx-search/

    It might be helpful.


  6. micklevin

    Bryan, you do not need to “change search” in production and risk your site’s availability while it’s indexing.

    This has to be tested in the non-prod environment first. Make a copy of your site with all files (can skip copying the thumbnail images – just regenerate them after), and test how it goes with indexing. Only after ironing out the details you might plan to do a roll-over of the new search into the production server. May be do a staged approach, like import the already generated index from the test into prod, to avoid long time to reindex again…

    Anyhow this sounds like a big fun project!


  7. eliteweblabs

    efficient use of tabs in the first screenshot!!


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