1. David Peralty

    When it gets close to exam time, my wife sometimes has me block sites on the router. Since she doesn’t know how to change it back, it helps stop her from getting distracted.


  2. Jeffro

    @David Peralty – I’ve thought about blocking stuff on my machine but in all honesty, I’d just turn it off and keep telling myself that I can moderate my time wasting activities which I’d be dead wrong of course.


  3. curtismchale

    Remove the games??? Wow. I installed RescueTime to see what I spent my time on. I was disappointed the first few weeks with how much I goofed off but now even with the video game time I’m happy to say I get things done. Of course without the RescueTime police I’d still be wasting time.


  4. matt mcinvale

    check out the leechblock plugin for firefox.


  5. Keith S.

    Or you could get a Mac…the game problem fixes itself (for the most part) immediately… :)

    Though lately, I’ve found that I’m more productive when I’m on my laptop…it takes away all the “toys” I have on my desktop machine…it also moves me out of the living room, where my desktop machine (and the tv, Wii, PopcornHour, etc) lives.


  6. Will Anderson

    I have RescueTime installed. It does a good job of tracking how efficient I’m being which is good for me, but it also has a feature that lets you block unproductive sites (like YouTube). Never tried that feature, so I’m not sure how effective it is, but it’s probably worth a try.

    Having games and work on the same machine is an issue for me as well. Unfortunately I only have one Windows machine, so for now I don’t have much of an option, but once I get a desktop PC I’ll probably install my games on it and use my laptop for productive stuff.


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