1. Hashim Warren

    Can we expect Genesis child themes to have custom blocks?


    • Allyn Gibson

      Personally, I’m not sure that custom blocks belong in a theme, parent or child. Change your theme, and the new theme won’t know what to do with the custom block that’s no longer coded.

      I think they belong, properly, in plug-ins where block can be defined and the necessary styling loaded, where it can be independent of the theme.


      • Paul

        On the other hand, as a theme developer, I like the ability to tweak blocks’ styles to fit my theme. It drives me nuts that block plugin devs are sprinkling !importants throughout their CSS, making it nigh impossible to override the styles.


  2. Marcus Hiles

    As a long-time Genesis user/developer, I wonder if they will be updating the sample child theme to also include whatever support they are adding for Gutenberg.


  3. Jahanzeb Malik

    I have been using genesis since 2014 :) Thanks God these guys are updating there framework to work with gutenberg !


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