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Generate WP LogoWho doesn’t love a good code generator for WordPress? should definitely be added to your list of bookmarked resources as the site provides a number of different generators for common tasks such as WP-Config file, sidebars, custom post types, menus, and more. Best of all, the code generated from this website meets the WordPress coding standards. Rami Yushuvaev did a great job with the site. I’m curious to know how many of you have used the code generated by his website in your own projects or do you mostly write your own code from scratch? What other types of WordPress generators would you find useful?


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  1. I came across it via the Codex a few weeks ago (I know, late to the game but still) and was so pleased to find something so cool and useful! :)

  2. Hey Jeffro,
    Thanks for the article, checking it out now. I’m using WordPress Query Generator in Templates to customize the queries.It’s an awesome tool.


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