1. arena
  2. Andy War

    Nice! But where do I put the Logo?


    • Jay Syder

      Where it has GAZETTE to the right of the menu is where your logo would display they are just displaying text right now. Which apart from the front page is at the top like normal.


    • Kathryn P.

      With the Jetpack plugin active, you’ll find an option to upload a logo in the Cusotmizer, in the Site Title, Tagline & Logo panel.


  3. secludedinsanity

    I’m new to this .. sorry if my question is stupid. The tile layout with the 6 images … How do I go about using that feature? I have no clue


  4. Master For Web (@master4web)
  5. Angelica Rodrigues

    Hello! I’m creating a new blog with theme Gazette and I’m finding some problems with my posts appearance on the home page. You can see 2 kinds of posts appearance on the first picture of the article above: on the first one the picture takes all de post; on the second and third ones the picture is just above the post (we have the picture and the text just below). Anybody knows how can I choose between these 2 kind of appearance? Thank you very much!! Angélica


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