1. Bridget M Willard

    We’ve also been promoting on our Twitter account @Gatsby_WP. Thank you for such a great writeup; these ladies are doing something truly amazing and inspire me as a woman over 45 years old.


    • Martin

      Can you elaborate what the Gatsby Plugin WordPress Parser does?

      From a first look it looks really promising, you aren’t just using the HTML content with dangerouslySetInnerHTML, or are you?


      • Paulina Hetman

        Hi Martin, You’re right 🙂 We use it for more than that. In particular to parse Contact Form 7 form fields into React components or to parse a WordPress gallery into a lightbox gallery, and more things to yet to come 🙂


  2. Mounir

    You should all check them out. The speed of their website and demos is amazing.


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