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photo credit: Kris Krugcc

The folks at VIP are continuing to add to Documattic, a repository dedicated to sharing presentations and resources with the WordPress community. While the repository already contains some solid resources for WordPress in enterprise and government, today’s addition may have the widest reach, as it pertains to user education.

The VIP Superuser Training Course is now open source on GitHub for anyone to use. The course was designed to provide editorial and administrative training for administrators of multi-author sites and is used by VIP instructors for’s VIP Training Day events.

Comprised of 300+ slides, the training course is well-organized and comprehensive, covering important topics such as user management, creating posts, managing tags and categories, comment moderation and more. The slides were created with reveal.js, so they can be presented within any browser and easily edited with HTML.


Everything You Need to Guide Users Through the Publishing Process

This course is immensely valuable for any WordPress agency that provides in-person training for clients. It helps new WordPress administrators get up to speed on managing content and even contains exercises for students to practice during the course. To get a full view of the breadth of this course, check out the index of the presentation sections, which includes the corresponding slide numbers.

While the intended purpose of the course is to train WordPress beginners, the VIP team recommends that it be delivered by an instructor. The slides are not meant to stand alone but rather to serve as a tool for teachers to train site administrators, site owners, and editors of large multi-author sites.

You can put videos and tutorials inside the WordPress admin, but nothing replaces a hands-on teaching experience. It is by far the best way to build confidence in new administrators. The VIP Superuser Training Course essentially gives you the material to provide a full day’s worth of WordPress training to your clients.

If you’re in the business of WordPress, then you need to bookmark the Documattic repo, as it houses a wealth of knowledge on marketing the platform and educating users. All of the material is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license and you can feel free to modify it as needed.



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