FooPlugin’s Digital License Key Management Plugin is Now Open Source for Developers

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photo credit: 16th st(license)

Three years ago, FooPlugins built FooLicensing, a digital license key management tool that enabled them to manage customers of their EDD-powered commercial plugins store. Although EDD already offered a license creation and management extension, FooPlugins required more features than it had at that time and opted to build their own.

As of today, FooLicensing is now open source and free for anyone to use, along with the associated EDD connector plugin.

“We love the community and wanted to give back,” FooPlugins co-founder Adam Warner said.

“We know FooLicensing could be so much more but we just don’t have the time to dedicate to it alone. We are a small team and because of that we find ourselves with dozens of projects that could be so much more if only we had more time and people.”

Open sourcing a project can change its trajectory if there’s enough interest and developers willing to contribute to improve it. Warner isn’t counting on that, however, and simply hopes other developers will find it useful.

“It’s a bit of a leap of faith, but if it helps someone else get involved to help create an even more robust system, then great,” he said. “Bonus if it helps someone build additional extensions to help others.”

FooLicensing’s main features include:

  • View and manage the validated domains for your EDD license level
  • One click EDD license upgrade/add to cart
  • One click EDD license renewal (with associated discount) /add to cart

A logged-in user who has entered a license key will see all the relevant account information detailing status, activations, expirations, etc.


Administrators who are using the plugin together with its EDD Connector will see a menu with various license creation and management tools.


The EDD Connector, also now open source, enables the following:

  • Add new licenses to attach to an EDD product
  • A searchable list of all license keys that have been created and assigned, complete with attached domains
  • A list of licenses that have been renewed
  • Testing for license validation and update checks in the API Sandbox
  • A management area for various messages (domain attach, detach) and for license renewal discount amount and emails

Foo Licensing is Extensible for Other Platforms

FooLicensing was built from the beginning to be extensible for use with other platforms beyond EDD. The team at FooPlugins had plans to expand their library of connectors but didn’t have the time to execute them.

“Our goal for FooLicensing was to build additional integrations for other eCommerce plugins and digital sales platforms but it quickly took a back seat as our FooBox and other plugins like FooGallery gained popularity,” Warner said.

“Documentation is non-existent at this point, but we welcome you to step through the code and consider getting involved with the core plugin or with extensions for other eCommerce platforms.”

Warner said the team is considering a full-fledged site dedicated to FooLicensing if enough developers become interested and would consider the possibility of a marketplace to host any extension built. FooPlugins does not currently have plans to create additional extensions in house.

“We’ll see what the future holds, but for now we need to move forward with some other things rather than holding this tight to our chests,” Warner said. “Open sourcing the plugins just fits in with what we believe is the right thing to do to make the web (and the WP community) a better place.”


6 responses to “FooPlugin’s Digital License Key Management Plugin is Now Open Source for Developers”

  1. The Foo licensing plugin looks good. We created our own licensing technology (also with lots of one click no hassle upgrades) for FV Player but Foo Licensing this had been available a couple of years ago we would have been happy to save ourselves the trouble. We’ll definitely take a look to see if there’s any chance of sharing code here and consolidating on a single product.

    The third party marketplace for extensions sounds like a great idea. If the extensions are inexpensive, it’s almost always better to buy than roll your own.

    • Hi Alec,

      I hope you find the time to have a look and get involved if you deem it worthy compared to what you already have. More eyes and brains can only be a good thing:)

  2. Sarah,

    Thanks for the write up. I hope it helps to reach the developers that may need something like this.

    As I said previously, we released it because we believe in the Spirit of Open Source and wanted to show our support of this belief by example. (in our own little way)

  3. Very cool. We’re adding licensing for our themes and some addons for Paid Memberships Pro and have opted to DIY it, mostly because I want something light weight (i.e. doesn’t load WordPress) that can sit on its own server. Wondering if Foo or anyone using these WP Plugin based license managers have run into issues where their license/upgrade stuff DOSes their own site/etc.


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