1. Adam W. Warner - Co-founder FooPlugins

    Thanks so much for covering the release of our FooGallery plugin. We’re so pleased to see such quick adoption by users and with the Developer community.

    There are already several new extension in the works after just releasing a few days ago!

    We’re really excited for the future of FooGallery and what others will create on top of it.


  2. christopher

    nice plugin, i reported an issue on 3.9.1 not being able to add images on https://github.com/fooplugins/foogallery/issues/19 also sent a tweet to brad on twitter.


  3. Piet

    Thanks for the tip, downloading it now to use on a project where I need a gallery


  4. Piet

    After a bit using it I also think that it is a very nice plugin. Over at Github I opened 2 issues (21-22), one is a suggestion and one is a bug I think.


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