FooGallery – A Free WordPress Gallery Plugin Built For Developers and Designers

FooGallery is a new free WordPress plugin aimed squarely at developers and designers. Developed by FooPlugins, FooGallery utilizes much of the same image and gallery handling found within WordPress, providing an intuitive content creation and management experience. While the plugin is simple, it offers developers a ton of filters and hooks to extend its functionality. Some of the core features include:

  • Gallery custom post type
  • Use built-in media library to manage images
  • Drag-and-drop reordering of images
  • Built-in gallery templates
  • Built-in support for FooBox
  • NextGen importer tool

FooGallery runs on an extension framework where different functionality is separated into different areas of the codebase. This keeps the core plugin lightweight, but still allows for the most flexibility. A built-in extension boilerplate generator makes it easy to create template or lightbox extensions. Although extensions can be hosted on the WordPress plugin directory, you’ll want to submit them to them to the FooGallery website as well. Extensions that are accepted into the FooGallery directory will be listed in the Extensions tab within the plugin. Extensions can either be free or commercial.

FooGallery Boilerplate Generator
FooGallery Boilerplate Generator

Documentation for users and developers is available for free on the FooPlugins website. Since it’s a free plugin, support is handled via the support forums. For those who want to contribute back to the project, you can find it on Github.

If you need something lightweight compared to NextGen 2, you may want to consider using FooGallery.


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