1. Morgan

    WordCamp Seattle is doing something similar for 2015. The past few years, WordCamp Seattle has been a big event – nearly 700 people last year. But we have found that even when you have a big event, making it work for a wide range of experience levels is really hard. So in 2015, we’re going to do two smaller events for around 350 people: the first one (March 28) is going to be for experienced users, designers, and developers, and the second one (October) is going to be for beginners.


    • Josh Pollock

      This is a great idea. I’d love to see more big city WordCamps do this sort of bi-annual event with one more niche. I love the idea of more niche WordCamps, but we can’t loose the “all in” WordCamp as a community event type thing.


      • Jeff Chandler

        That’s a great point Josh. I’m curious as to how the naming situation is going to work out for all these different WordCamps if indeed larger cities have more than one per year. The marketing has to be dead on so as to not confuse people who may end up needing to figure out which WordCamp is for them.


        • Morgan

          Yes, we are concerned about making sure people end up at the right WordCamp, and this is probably the biggest challenge we face in creating two WordCamps. We will make sure that the WordCamp names are clearly advertised. We also plan to have some quizzes and other fun things like that to help people figure out which camp they belong in.


    • Flynn O'Connor (@thoronas)

      One thing I would also like to commend Seattle for in their 2014 WordCamp was starting the day with intros to WordPress for beginners and more networking time for the experienced attendees. I think that was an excellent way to start the day. I’m looking forward to their March 28th event.


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