1. Leland

    Very cool, first I’ve heard of this. Here’s my profile in case anyone was wondering: http://profiles.wordpress.org/lelandf/

    Must be missing this, but how do I add people as friends? Don’t see a link or anything like that anywhere.


  2. Mark McWilliams

    I’m alive and kicking too, although my activity is nill, you can still find me! – And like Leland, I too am curious as to how you add friends? I guess it’s still new, so that could very well be a bug, who knows? LOL


  3. Kim

    I’d seen the very beginnings of this a couple of months back. Glad to see that they’re moving forward with this – going to be really nice!

    I’d add you as a friend, but I can’t seem to find any way to do that ATM. Am I missing something obvious or have they disabled that ability for the moment?

    Update: Glad to see I’m not the only one who can’t figure out how to add friends! lol

    Here’s the link to my profile: http://profiles.wordpress.org/kpdesign/profile/


  4. Jeffro

    I’m with all of you. I guess we can’t add each other as friends or non of us has figured it out yet. Yet, Andy Peatling is listed as Mark Jaquiths friend lol.

    @Kim – You must be very observant because this is the first I’ve come across this particular sub domain.


  5. Brad

    Wow! This is great! Matt mentioned this to me at WordCamp Chicago and I’ve been anxious for it to launch every since. It’s great seeing all of a users contributions in one spot

    My profile is here: http://profiles.wordpress.org/williamsba1/


  6. John James Jacoby

    At the moment you’ll need to friend request each other through Buddypress.org.

    The new WordPress.org profiles area is SUPER new; so new they haven’t even made a blog about it themselves, so there’s some things that are sort of just hanging out there waiting to be used or opened up.


  7. Jeffro

    This explains the Friendship stuff.

    I just spoke with Andy Peatling and he says that the friends feature is going to be turned off on profiles for now and that it’s not supposed to be there. So no friendships for us!


  8. Kim

    @Jeffro – Someone leaked it on Twitter a couple of months back. Can’t remember who it was though. *hate getting old*


  9. Jeffro

    Right now, the register links points to a user account named Register LOL. Also the same for Blogs. Andy is scrambling right now I think as that stuff is not supposed to be there.


  10. Justin Tadlock

    I’ve been waiting for this ever since I first heard about it a few months ago. And my profile: http://profiles.wordpress.org/greenshady/

    Who’s going to be the first to make a “WP Profile Badge” plugin/widget for this new feature?


  11. Ron

    Andrea & I both have the same usernames as twitter.


  12. Jeffro

    @Justin Tadlock – Sheesh, that certainly sums up your plugin contributions


  13. Andrea_R

    Dang, I was all excited to leave my comment to say I’m the usual andrea_r and Ron beat me to it. :D

    Oooooo, it counts WPMU forum stuff TOO! And it caught my first ever post back in 2005. Wow.


  14. Jeffro

    @Andrea_R – I guess that means we can go back in time and see how you’ve progressed :)


  15. Edward Caissie

    This is great … I logged in with my JellyBeen account first (which is one of my wp.org blog accounts) then I realized that I should be logging in with my “Cais” account ;)

    Profile: http://profiles.wordpress.org/cais/

    This link is going everywhere (*grins*) … hmm, like my forum profile here


  16. Jeffro

    hmm, just about all of the links on the left side of my profile page trigger a search for a user with that name. so the url WPTavern.com triggers a search for a user named WPTavern.com lol.


  17. Remkus

    @Justin Tadlock
    Nice job description you’ve got there ;-)


  18. Andrea_R

    @Jeffro – Oh, it’s a looooong way… :D


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