First Episode Of Press This Is Out The Door

pressthislogoJoost DeValk aka Yoast in the community has produced his first episode of his WordPress podcast called Press This published through Webmastradio.FM. In his first episode, Joost interviews John Gridley who is an Automattic new hire. Also during the show, Joost answers questions from the chatroom on optimizing WordPress for Search, one of his specialties. After all, he’s the one responsible for the Joost Boost (SEO Optimization) for StudioPress themes. The show comes in at 33 minutes so it shouldn’t be too hard to consume.

2 responses to “First Episode Of Press This Is Out The Door”

  1. I enjoyed Joost’s new show very much. I think he’ll make a good host and interviewer.

    For now, the show is not showing up in their feed, so a manual download is necessary. (I don’t use iTunes and don’t know if it’s in there or not.)

    Looking forward to show #2.

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