1. Ajay

    I just prefer to perform all the installs myself instead of relying on any of these automated installs.


  2. Jeffro

    @Ajay – Me to, but just about everyone knows about Fantastico. I thought it would be good to start spreading the word regarding Softaculous since it may be ending up on other popular hosting accounts in the future.


  3. Martin

    This is a good thing because Fantastico has been behind on keeping WordPress up to date. Fantastico was still using WordPress 2.8.6 up until yesterday. In my books that is poor!

    For someone like me who offered WordPress auto-installs with my hosting plans having the WordPress updates so far behind is intolerable. I might checkout softaculous…


  4. Martin

    Must admit I just looked at the pricing page for both Fantastico and Softaculous. Softaculous works out a lot cheaper, maybe it’s going to be a heavy weight against it’s competitors. Still unsure about quality, I’m going to have a play with the free version.


  5. Jenny

    that’s nifty. my host hasn’t gotten this yet. and i don’t think she will. i think she likes fantastico to much ;)


  6. Conor

    We’ve been big advocates for Softaculous for a number of months and we’ve been installing it for users of our VPS and Dedicated servers. This month we finally dropped Fantastico altogether (after 9 years) and are now 100% on board with Softaculous. Our users love it, system admins love it, and there’s regular software update. Bye Bye Fantastico!


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