Clef Partners With Softaculous To Provide 2-Step Authentication For Automated WordPress Installs

Clef, the two-step authentication service that replaces usernames and passwords has announced a strategic partnership with Softaculous. Softaculous is similar to Fantastico in that it contains several scripts that can be auto installed on a webhosting account. The partnership enables automated WordPress installs from Softaculous to have Clef support out of the box.

Clef + Softaculous = Safer Auto Installs Of WordPress
Clef + Softaculous = Safer Auto Installs Of WordPress

In one simple step, webhosts will be able to configure their auto install of WordPress to support Clef by navigating to Softaculous Admin panel -> Software -> Advanced Settings and checking the box to enable Clef. Administrators can find more information on configuring the script here. There’s also a live demo to see how it works.

Clef has also announced the beginning of a new program called SHIP or Safer Host Incentive Program. Clef will be made available for free for a host to use on its own domain if they make two-factor authentication an option for their customers. The service will remain free for sites with less than 100 people logging in.

I asked Brennen Byrne, CEO and Co-founder of Clef, why is this partnership a big deal? He replied,

The future of WordPress security is about protecting every site, not just the big ones — including Clef in Softaculous WordPress installs will help establish a stronger baseline of security for everyone. Good security is something you should opt out of and hosts should be giving users better access to the security tools they need

Clef has experienced rapid growth since their launch.

  • The Clef plugin is being downloaded more times each day than any other two-factor plugin is in a week
  • Clef is being used by hedge funds to protect almost $2B in managed wealth
  • Clef has doubled in size every six weeks since the beginning of the year

When asked whether they tried to work with Fantastico as well as Softaculous, Byrne replied, “We’ve been working with Softaculous for a while to make this happen — they really love the product and it’s just been a matter of timing and development resources. We haven’t talked to any of the other installers, but we’ll definitely be looking to work with more of them soon.”

With this partnership, thousands if not millions of WordPress auto installs will be safer immediately after installation. It also gives Clef an opportunity to vastly improve their reach into the WordPress ecosystem. Do you think this move will help make the web a safer place by improving the baseline of security for automated WordPress installations?


One response to “Clef Partners With Softaculous To Provide 2-Step Authentication For Automated WordPress Installs”

  1. A great security news to note and 2-factor authentication is a gem for modern security of sites. But why just 100 login users? I think its small looking at the situation of WordPress security palaver. However, I love the initiation and wouldn’t mind to get the premium release when the time comes.


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