Episodes 271-280 of WordPress Weekly are Now Available

In the past two weeks, listeners have reported that recent episodes of WordPress Weekly are not available for download through Apple’s Podcasting app, Stitcher, and other applications.

Podcast Download Error
Podcast Download Error

I use Vid2MP3 to convert YouTube videos into MP3 files. Starting with episode 271, there was an error in the conversion process. It was difficult to diagnose since the MP3 played fine in some browsers and applications but not in others.

I have reconverted the affected episodes using a different service and uploaded the new files to the site. I confirmed that the episodes are accessible in Apple’s Podcasting application. If you still encounter a problem downloading these episodes, please leave a note in the comments along with which podcasting app you’re using. Thanks to all who reported the error and for listening to the show.


  1. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for the update.

    I appreciate you taking the time to convert those podcasts with another service. I also understand the debugging part as I got different error messages based on which device and/or service I used.


  2. All of these episodes have been working for me on Google Play Music! :)


  3. The reader is reporting, that this site is more down than up during last days.


  4. Jeff,
    I can’t download, play, or stream episode 278 on Pocket Casts on iOS. I get “Playback failed, the file might be corrupted.” If I delete the file I then get a “Streaming failed” error and it won’t download. All other episodes work.
    Love the show and keep up the great work.

    Chris Tall


  5. Just now catching up on 279. Couldn’t stop laughing at Jeff saying, “A Badass Taking Out Themes…


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