1. Japh

    Thanks for the write up, Jeff!

    One of our core values at Envato is that when the community succeeds, we succeed. Our renewed push on Community-Building will, I think, be exactly what helps us and the community work together through the challenges that we come up against.

    It’s going to be an exciting next 7 years!


  2. Carl Hancck

    Congrats to Envato on its success. And congrats on the steps they are taking to increase the quality of their WordPress themes, etc.

    I did want to clarify one thing that the headline makes a bit misleading. The headline makes it sound like Envato made $140 million in 2013 as in that’s what their yearly revenue was.

    The $140 million is actually the amount paid out to its authors, etc. over its history. NOT just 2013. Big difference, but still very impressive when you consider that’s author payouts.

    Japh or someone else at Envato can correct me if I’m wrong, but that is what I got out of the Envato blog post.


  3. Japh

    @Carl Hancck – Good pick up, Carl. You’re correct. The community passed $140M in lifetime earnings during 2013, that’s not 2013’s earnings but lifetime earnings.


  4. Jeffro

    @Japh – As long as the community has a strong nucleus of people with the culture instilled upon them by those at the top of the company, I think Envato will do great.

    What I don’t want to see happen is all of a sudden, the loyal community turns into a evil gang with a mob like mentality that goes against everything Envato. This almost happened with WooThemes when they made drastic changes to their pricing structure.

    By the way, how do I get in touch with you as I’d love to chat with you and Collis on a future episode of WordPress Weekly.

    @Carl Hancock – Well, if the past is anything to go on, their continual improvement of their marketplace guidelines as well as their enforcement ought to make your job easier when it comes to support. I know you’ve routinely been vocal about how much support you’ve had to provide to customers using poorly coded themes purchased on ThemeForest.

    I’ve changed the post title which I hope clarifies things a bit. Sorry about that.


  5. Japh

    @Jeffro – Hey Jeff, I think you just did get in touch with me, right? ;)

    I’m @Japh on Twitter, I’m also the same @envato.com for email.


  6. Chris McCoy

    wish they treated the buyers as well as the sellers, i been trying to reach them forvever, we’ve spent over $20,000 on the marketplace almost 2500 items, but we can’t get a simple reply.


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