1. Blair Jersyer

    That’s so amazing and as Author there, Envato helped me (and still doing) a lot.
    I’m so thankful.


  2. Gerd Neumann

    Bought a WooCommerce plugin from CodeCanyon once. It was of extremely bad code quality (despite having a rating of about 4.5 from almost 50 reviews). Also it did not have the functionality we needed. So I wanted a refund (within 14 days).

    But I did not get my money back, but instead the money was add to my Envato account. So I could spent it on other CodeCanyon products – which I had no interest in. I wrote half a dozen emails to them, all being ignored.

    This is something that’s illegal in the EU. Money back means money back, and you have a legal right for this. Since CodeCanyon / Envato are based somewhere in Asia (I think it was Philipines), I just gave up. Also it was only about 40 € or so. But still it makes me that angry today that I feel writing this comment in order to warn others.


    • Miroslav Glavic

      you rarely get refunds on digital products.

      also…many stores all over the world (offline) they give you back in store credit instead of your actual money. which is still technically a refund.

      Most countries in north america and europe think refunds are a must when in reality it is not, stores are being nice but nothing in law says they MUST offer refunds.


      • Alex

        Miroslav, I’m sorry, but you are wrong.

        In EU there is a law that allows you to get a refund. See more on this link.


        • Michael Visser

          You’re all right, and wrong. The gotcha with the EU ‘cooling off’ law is that it does not apply to online digital content if you have started downloading the content so no digital sellers do not have to refund in all cases.

          If you have purchased and downloaded the content (e.g. Plugin), then installed and evaluated it does not suit your needs and the seller has a record of the download attempt against your Order then the seller is not by law required to refund your purchase. Messy huh?

          (I think refunding on incompatibility reasons is just good practice)


  3. Bhuwan Roka

    Great to hear and congratulation!


  4. Marc Perel

    Envato have built up an incredible network and enabled thousands of authors who, before, would have no chance of getting their name out there and become successful in the WordPress space.

    Are there negative experiences? Of course there are, and with thousands of authors there always will be, just as there is on the official repo too.

    Chapeau to Collis, Cyan and team!


  5. Robert

    Although over the years I’ve found some really terrible coded pieces of software in Envato, I’m glad that this platform exists because it doesn’t have the stifling constraints of the official theme and plugin repositories.


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