Envato Elements Adds Unlimited WordPress Theme and Plugin Downloads to Subscription Plan

Envato has added unlimited WordPress theme and plugin downloads to its Elements digital assets subscription service. The company is including a curated collection of 210 WordPress themes and 100 plugins along with 400,000 other design assets already offered through the service.

Envato is the largest WordPress theme marketplace on the web with 39,102 themes and website templates for sale. Last year the company celebrated 10 years in business and reported that the community earned more than $40 million, with a significant portion of that revenue coming from WordPress products.

The new “all you can eat” style package for WordPress themes on Envato Elements was introduced to boost the value of the service’s annual subscription plan and is not available to monthly subscribers. For $228/year, annual subscribers can change themes as often as they choose, which is the chief selling point of the new addition. However, the subscription service does not provide direct item support for the themes, as they are submitted by independent designers.

Current Elements subscribers have the option to change their payment plans from monthly to annual to gain access to the unlimited WordPress products. Several disgruntled customers have taken to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction with the WordPress additions being withheld from existing monthly subscribers and perceive it to be heavy-handed a tactic for locking in more annual subscribers before raising the price.

An Envato support representative offered some background on the decision in response to monthly subscribers who do not appreciate being excluded from additions to the service.

“We chose this pricing model because we think it creates the fairest platform for both our subscribers and our authors,” the representative said. “A huge amount of time and dedication goes into creating and maintaining WordPress themes and plugin so this allows us to help protect the earnings of the authors who provide our community with premium assets.”


10 responses to “Envato Elements Adds Unlimited WordPress Theme and Plugin Downloads to Subscription Plan”

  1. To be fair the “Popular & Premium” WordPress themes & Plugins, are in fact, neither popular, nor premium.

    Kids, you’re not missing much. I’m staying locked in at the $19/mo rate.

    • TOTALLY AGREE! I saw some of the plugins and they look lame. If the support or lack therefore is anything on these themes like the PS actions that are recycled from several years ago, you will be stuck with broken and useless product after a couple of updates from WordPress. They don’t support anything and the developers get paid to push product not keep it up. When u pay annually they get ur money for a year up front. Just like other subscription apps do amd then they don’t update but they don’t care cause they already paid a year in advance. Lousy service.

    • Hey,

      It would be nice if you wrote a blog article about it with some more details, I would be eager to read it.

      • Hi,

        Maybe, one day will post a deep analysis on that. But for now, we’re leaving Envato. It has become a place for freelancers and asian developers for whom $1,000 per month is a big deal.

        WordPress on Envato Elements is the only way for Envato to stabilize the trend towards declining incomes for some time.

  2. I’m having trouble understanding the pricing problem. .com’s pricing is annual for buffet-style themes, as well. It does not make sense to allow a $19 monthly subscription and then have a customer download every single theme and plugin and cancel. Envato or not, yearly subs for all-you-can-eat downloads seems fair.

  3. Interesting debate, it would make sense to give monthly users access as they would keeping paying for updates(if that happens).


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